Now that members of Generation Z are graduating college this springthe most commonly-accepted definition says this generation was bom after 1995, give or take a year-the attention has been rising steadily in recent weeks. GenZs are about to hit the streets looking for work in a labor market that's tighter than it's been in decades. And employers are planning on hiring about 17 percent more new graduates for jobs in the U.S. this year than last, according to a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Everybody wants to know how the people who will soon inhabit those empty office cubicles will differ from those who came before them.


  1. commonly-accepted 普遍接受的

  2. give or take  相差不到……

  3. hit the streets  [商品]大量上市

  4. inhabit  v. 占据,留在

  5. cubicle  n. 小房间,隔间


现在Z一代的成员今年春天就要毕业了,最普遍接受的定义是这一代人是1995年以后出生的,近几周来人们对这一代人的关注一直在稳步上升。GenZs即将走上街头,在一个比几十年来更加紧张的劳动力市场寻找工作。美国全国大学与雇主协会(National Association of Colleges And employers)的一项调查显示,今年美国雇主计划招聘的应届毕业生比去年多出17%。每个人都想知道,不久将居住在那些空荡荡的办公隔间里的人与之前的人有何不同。


If"entitled"is the most common adjective, fairly or not, applied to millennials (those bom between 1981 and 1995), the catchwords for Generation Z are practical and cautious. According to the career counselors and expert who study them, Generation Zs are clear-eyed, economic pragmatists.


  1. fairly or not  无论是否恰当

  2. entitle  v. 使有权利,使有资格

  3. millennial  n. 千禧一代

  4. catchword  n. 关键词;代表性口号

  5. career counselor  职业顾问

  6. pragmatist  n. 实用主义者




Despite graduating into the best economy in the past 50 years, Gen Zs know what an economic train wreck looks like. They were impressionable kids during the crash of 2008, when many of their parents lost their jobs or their life savings or both. They aren,'t interested in taking any chances. The booming economy seems to have done little to assuage this underlying generational sense of anxious urgency, especially for those who have college debt. College loan balances in the U.S. now stand at a record $1.5 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve.


  1. impressionable  a. (尤因年轻而)易受影响的

  2. assuage  v. 缓和,减轻

  3. underlying  a. 根本的,潜在的

  4. balance  n. (债务的)余款,结欠




One survey from Accenture found that 88 percent of graduating seniors this year chose their major with a job in mind. In a 2019 survey of University of Georgia students, meanwhile, the career office found the most desirable trait in a future employer was the ability to offer secure employment (followed by professional development and training, and then inspiring purpose). Job security or stability was the second most important career goal (work-life balance was number one), followed by a sense of being dedicated to a cause or to feel good about serving the great good.


  1. senior  n. 毕业班学生

  2. secure  a. 稳定的,稳固的

  3. dedicated  a. 有奉献精神的,满腔热忱的




36. Generation Zs graduating college this spring_____.
[A] are recognized for their abilities
[B] are in favor of job offers
[C] are optimistic about the labor market
[D] are drawing growing public attention
37. Generation Zs are keenly aware_____.
[A] what a tough economic situation is like
[B] what their parents expect of them
[C] how they differ from past generations
[D] I how valuable a counselors advice is
38. The word"assuage"(line 9, para 2)is closet in meaning to_____.
[A]define [B]relieve [C] maintain [D] deepen
39.It can be learned from Paragraph 3 that Generation Zs_____.
[A] care little about their job performance
[B] give top priority to professional training
[C]think it hard to achieve work-Life balance
[D] have a clear idea about their future job
40 Michelsen thinks that compared with millennials, Generation Zs are_____.
[A]less realistic B] less adventurous [C]more diligent [D] more generous
36. 【C】are drawing growing public attention细节题。根据题干直接定位到文章根据提干第一段第一句话。信息选项中的“drawing growing public attention ”则对应到句中的“the attention has been rising steadily in recent weeks” (近几周的关注度在稳步提高)”,其中attention原词复现,rising和growing同义复现;而其他的选项则与最佳选项无缘,在定位区间中没有相应的对应信息。
37. 【B】what a tough economic situation is like;细节题。根据题干中询问Generation Z的特点我们来到第二段。题干中的aware直接定位到第二段第四行”Gen Zs know what an economic train wreck looks like(经济列车受到重创是什么样子的)”;信息选项中的“tough economic situation ”则对应到句中的“economic train wreck ”;而其他的选项则与最佳选项无缘,在定位区间中没有相应的对应信息。
38. 【C】relieve;猜词题。根据题干,可以定位到第九段第二句话:“The booming economy seems to have done little to assuage this underlying generational sense of anxious urgency, especially for those who have college debt”,所以解题的关键是判断”The booming economy(繁荣的经济)”和”generational sense of anxious urgency(代际焦虑)”的关系;根据常识判断,繁荣的经济可以降低求职者的焦虑;再结合上一道题我们知道,Gen Zs是务实和谨慎(practical and cautious)的一代;由此可以得出繁荣的经济并未降低求职者的焦虑,原文已有并未(have done little),选项B中的relieve(减轻)与我们的判断一致,因此答案为C。而其它的选项A define(定义),B maintain(保持),deepen(加深)和我们的判断都不一致。
39. 【A】have a clear idea about their future jobs; 推断题。题目中明确出题段落(from Paragraph 3)。因此,第三段的第一句chose their major with a job in mind(按照自己的理想工作选择专业)和选项D have a clear idea about their future jobs(对自己的未来工作有明确认识)相符合。根据原文中的第二句话(未来雇主最重要的特性是工作的稳定性,第二位是职业发展与培训,第三位是吸引人的目标)排除答案A和B;选项C并未体现。
40. 【B】less adventurous;细节题。题干中的compared with millennials定位到文章第二段:the catch words for Gen Zs are practical and cautious(Gen Zs的口号是务实和谨慎);由此判断出选项B不爱冒险为正确答案。其余均与原文不不符。



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